Fan Interview: Kim Paterson (Brechin City)

Name: Kim Paterson
Twitter: @xThe59Sound 
Age: 28 
Lives: Brechin 
Team supported: Brechin City 
Do you support any other clubs? If so, why? I only support Brechin, but there are players from other clubs I like for various reasons so I’ll keep an eye on how they’re doing rather than specific teams.

What was the first game you went to?
Our neighbours at the time had season tickets for Pittodrie, so my first game was actually an Aberdeen one. I can’t remember anything about it though (not sure if that reflects badly on Aberdeen or my memory). The next game I went to was a Brechin one and no other team got a look in after that.

What is the most memorable game you have attended?
Hamilton Accies v Brechin on the last day of the 02/03 season. We needed a point to be promoted to the 1st, but were 2 – 1 down after going into injury time. Templeman somehow managed to score the equaliser around the 93rd minute, I’ve not seen celebrations like that at a Brechin game before and maybe never will again, the whole day was unbelievable.

What game would you like to forget?
Brechin have given us a few howlers over the years, I can’t single one out!

Favourite game from the 2012/13 season?
The 7 – 2 win over Stenhousemuir was brilliant, it was only McKinnon’s second game in charge so to have went from being as bad as we were to winning by that margin in such a short space of time was a bit surreal. The two 4 – 1 wins over Forfar (sorry) and wins over Arbroath were up there too.

Worst game from the 2012/13 season?
Losing 3 – 0 away to a 10 man Ayr team was a poor result. It led to Weir being sacked though, so it done us a favour really.

Who is your all time favourite player for your club?
Charlie King, no contest. Brechin legend.

Who is your favourite person to manage your club?
I don’t have a favourite as such…Ray McKinnon has been brilliant since he took over in October, but we’ve not even seen a full season under him yet so I’ll go for Dick Campbell. Not the most likeable as an opposition manager and he’s never been great at being gracious in defeat, but he did give us some brilliant memories.

Who is your most disliked person to manage your club?
Jim Weir and Ian Campbell are both ranking highly in the bawbag stakes.

Favourite player that is currently at the club?
Again, I don’t have a favourite as such – Trouten, Carcary, Hay and Jackson were all brilliant last season, but Paul McLean has been here for a few years now and he’s been consistently good for us, so I’ll say him.

Name an opposition player that you rate? 
Although not technically an opposition player as of the coming season, I’m a fan Ryan McCord from Alloa.

Are there any players from other clubs you don’t like?
Paul Sheerin. I don’t necessarily mind him as a manager, but he loves a whinge to the ref when he’s playing.

Who is your favourite player on Twitter, if any?
He might be a bad egg, top heavy and have chicken legs, but I’m a fan of a Scot Buist tweet.

Are there any players you can’t stand on Twitter?
I hardly follow any, I don’t care for their #nandos chat.

Which opposition manager do you admire?
Allan Johnston obviously had a brilliant season with QoS. The game they beat us 6 – 0 at Station Park was one of the best performances from any team I’ve seen at this level.

Is there opposition manager do you not like?
Good manager, but not daft on Paul Hartley.

Favourite thing about supporting your club?
As much as Brechin nip my head at times, I can forget about what’s going on with anything else for the couple hours I’m at a game. We also have a pretty spectacular hedge.

Worst thing about supporting your club?
The pitch loves causing a postponement. There’s a lot of work being done on it over the summer though, so hopefully that sorts it out.

Favourite thing about your clubs fans?
They’re generally a decent bunch, you get to know people you probably wouldn’t have crossed paths with before – you might not talk to or like everyone, but you can at least respect the ones who are also turning up week in, week out.

Worst thing about your clubs fans?
There are a few who seem to just turn up to moan at absolutely everything.

Most liked opposition fans?
The Ayr fans are a decent bunch. Not everyone’s experience with them, but anytime I’ve been at Central Park the Cowdenbeath fans have been really friendly as well.

What opposition fans do you dislike?
For the most part the fans of every team we play regularly are ok, but there are some Arbroath fans who are biased to a ridiculous degree.

Favourite ground you have been to?
Buckie Thistle’s.

Worst ground you have been to?
There genuinely isn’t a ground I haven’t liked, I’m easily pleased. Dumbarton & Alloa both have stewards who look like they want to rip your head off and batter you with it if you dare to stand up though.

How many grounds out of the 42 have you been to?
Since I’ve been able to make away games regularly, we’ve not been out of the 2nd div so I’m frustratingly stuck at having visited just over half of them.

Of the grounds you haven’t been to, which would you most like to visit?


You can follow Kim on Twitter at

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