Fan Interview: Danielle Boyle (Celtic)

Name: Danielle Boyle
Twitter: @DanielleBoyle4
Age: 19
Lives: Glasgow
Team supported: Celtic
How long have you supported them for? For as long as I can remember, so I’ll just say birth.
Do you support any other clubs? If so, why? Don’t faithfully support another team but I’m a fan of Liverpool.

What was the first game you went to?
It was when Celtic beat Aberdeen on the 16th of October 1999, I was 6, Larsson and Viduka both got hat tricks and Berkovic also got one! Not that I remember or anything….

What is the most memorable game you have attended?
Has to be Barcelona last season! Don’t see a game coming close to it for a while.

What game would you like to forget?
Probably my first Old Firm derby! We were beat 4-2!

What is the funniest thing you have ever heard/seen at a game?
I remember we were playing Dunfermline years ago, and the guys around about us always give the opposition goalkeeper a right hard time during the second half, anyway, Doris De Vries was in goals for Dunfermline and this guy just kept shouting for about 10 minutes “Doris, Doris yer a cow moooo” and De Vries eventually turned around and applauded the guy was hilarious! It was one of those you had to be there moments though after reading that back haha.

Favourite game from this season?
The Cup Final and beating Barca were pretty special but my favourite league game was the 4-3 game against Aberdeen, was so unexpected coming back from 3-1 down!

Worst game this season?
League Cup Semi Final easy!

Who is your all time favourite player for your club?
Alan Thompson, just played with so much passion played for the badge! loved a goal against the Rangers too!

Who is your all time worst player for your club?
Gosh that’s a tough one, in my life time for me it has to be Du Wei, my days he was bad!

Who is your favourite person to manage your club?
Martin O’Neill for me, would be Jock Stein but I actually lived through O’Neill’s era and got to experience the way he had Celtic playing football.

Who is your most disliked person to manage your club?
John Barnes, cared more about playing golf than managing Celtic!

Favourite player that is currently at the club?
James Forrest, a lot of people disagree with me on this but I just feel he adds a new dimension to Celtic when he’s actually on form, he has the pace that Celtic miss when he’s not playing.

What player would you like to see play for your club?
James McCarthy, loved McCarthy since I was 13 and he was at Hamilton he just gives his all in every game he plays, very Gerrard-esque in my opinion

Who would you hate to see play for your club?
El Hadji Diouf, don’t think this needs an explanation

Who is your favourite player on Twitter, if any?
Scott Brown, he’s just hilarious doesn’t take any crap from anyone haha

Are there any players you can’t stand on Twitter?
Barry Douglas, I don’t even know why, he’s a good player just really annoys the life out of me! Sorry Barry!

Are there opposition manager do you admire?
Pat Fenlon actually, two good Scottish cup runs in the past two seasons with a very mediocre team but it’s been met with heartache both times! I kinda feel for him in that sense! Also have to mention Danny Lennon in this question, he has done very well with very little at St Mirren.

Are there opposition manager do you not like?
Jim Jefferies, may be just be being paranoid but I always feel as if he wants to say negative things about Celtic rather than positive.

Favourite thing about supporting your club?
That there is a certain passion that comes with supporting Celtic that no one other than a Celtic supporter understands!

Worst thing about supporting your club?
Honestly, I can’t think of anything.

If you could make one change in your club what would it be?
I’d change some fans’ feelings, some of them think we have the god given right to win every game and every competition we enter just cause we are the best and biggest team in Scotland.

Favourite thing about your clubs fans?
‘Faithful through and through‘, and all that jazz.

Worst thing about your clubs fans?
Glory hunters, eww. I just can’t be doing with people who only want to “support” your team when they are playing well.

Most liked opposition fans?
Dundee United, just seem like a really friendly bunch! every time I have came into contact with them they haven’t been like disrespectful or anything like some football supporters can be!

What opposition fans do you dislike?
Don’t think I even need to answer that one.

Favourite ground you have been to?
Apart from Parkhead of course, Firhill.

Worst ground you have been to?
Fir Park or Hampden. Hampden is the worst national stadium in the world and has no atmosphere!

How many grounds out of the 42 have you been to?

Which ground that you haven’t been to would you most like to visit?
Tannadice, again its all about the atmosphere created inside the park, everyone is always buzzing about a trip to Tannadice so it makes every other supporter up for the game.

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