Fan Profile: Derek Holland (Ayr United)

Name: Derek Holland
Twitter: @itzdrk
Age: 24
Lives: Paisley
Team supported: Ayr United
How long have you supported them for? First season was the 1996/97 season
Do you support/follow any other clubs? If so, why? No, I have no understanding how anyone actually can emotionally invest in more than one club

What was the first game you went to?

Ayr United vs Berwick Rangers

What is the most memorable game you have attended?

The Brechin playoff final in 2012 was really a special day.

What game would you like to forget?

Rangers 7-0 Ayr United in the Scottish Cup semi final in 2000.

What is the funniest thing you have ever heard/seen at a game?

Plenty of funny stuff happens at SFL grounds, I would go with a Jack Russell invading the pitch during a game against Stenhousemuir a few seasons back.

Favourite game from this season?

We beat Arbroath 4-1 away and it was very enjoyable even if we didn’t play great stuff.

Worst game this season?

Boxing day defeat to Albion Rovers, many Ayr fans saw that as their last game of the season.

Who is your all time favourite player for your club?

Glynn Hurst, the best player i have seen in the SFL.

Who is your all time worst player for your club?

We have had our fair share of terrible players, I’ll just go with the most recent, Ryan McStay.

Who is your favourite person to manage your club?

Brian Reid.

Who is your most disliked person to manage your club?

Mark Roberts is doing a good job of taking over the current custodian Campbell Money.

Favourite player that is currently at the club?

Michael Moffat .

Which player from another club do you admire?

Andy Geggan.

Which player from another club do you not like?

Without a club currently but Willie Gibson is intolerable.

Who is your favourite player on Twitter, if any?

None really come to mind.

Are there any players you can’t stand on Twitter?

Almost all of them are terrible, Ryan McStay again for not knowing how to spell coupon (coupen) but posting about it all the time.

Are there opposition manager do you admire?

Ray McKinnon did a fantastic job at Brechin last season and will be one to watch this season.

Are there opposition manager do you not like?

Neil Lennon for his constant toys out the pram behaviour & Dick Campbell for his constant cynical tactics.

Favourite thing about supporting your club?

When we need a goal and are shooting into the Somerset Road end, most of my best football memories are under these circumstances.

Worst thing about supporting your club?

We don’t seem to have a plan as to where we are heading.

If you could make one change in your club what would it be?

The club have been up for sale for about 4 years now, it would be good to get that resolved and move forward.

Favourite thing about your clubs fans?

As above about the Somerset Road the atmosphere can be brilliant.

Worst thing about your clubs fans?

If it’s not going well the north terrace can be a horrible place to be.

Most liked opposition fans?


What opposition fans do you dislike?

Airdrie fans are quite terrible.

Favourite ground you have been to?

There are lots of great grounds in the SFL with a bit of character about them.

Worst ground you have been to?

Albion Rovers is one of the worst views.

How many grounds out of the 42 have you been to?

30 unless we get some good cup draws this won’t change this season.

Which ground that you haven’t been to would you most like to visit?

I suppose Celtic Park would be interesting to visit once.

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