Interview with Forfar Farmington’s Damon Neish

Along with Logan McConachie, Forfar Farmington appointed Damon Neish to their coaching staff recently and the Dundonian thinks that the side don’t train or play like a team that is struggling this season and believes there is no doubt the side will avoid relegation.

The 29 year old joins the side from Scottish Premiership club Dundee after coaching youth teams there, most recently the under 14’s. He started his coaching career at the age of 16 when he spent time at a summer camp in America and decided coaching is what he wanted to do. After playing for Abertay University he then coached the side, something he described as ‘a great coaching experience’ before moving to America for a year in 2011. On his time there he said ‘It was a very similar set up and family friendly feel as I have found Forfar to be in the short time I’ve been here. It was also my first chance to work in the women’s game. I was lucky, where I was, I got to work with some unbelievable coaches who taught me the difference between playing the game, and coaching the game, I can’t state enough how important a time that was for me and how grateful I am for the people I worked with in America. I really enjoyed my time there, but decided that I wanted to come back home to work towards my coaching licenses.’


On Damon’s return to Scotland he began work with the SFA’s community programme and with Dundee. He is now heavily involved with club development in the region, as well as doing some work with the regional boys and girls squads and at the performance school with Iain Jenkins.


He joined Farmington a fortnight ago and said about the move ‘It came about at the very beginning of the summer. I was still with Dundee, but there was a lot of confusion at the club about what was happening going forward, there was a lot of gossip and chat but nothing official. I decided to just speak to some people about what else was out there, spoke to a couple of other pro youth set ups, but I wanted away from it. I emailed Forfar Farmington about coaching, and they got back to me quickly. We exchanged emails and from the professional manner in which they conducted themselves, I knew I wanted to be involved. We arranged a meet, I came up, met Paul, Logan, Charlie and everyone else, we had a discussion about the club, the direction Forfar wanted to go and how to get there, what they expected of me and what I expected from them, and  at the end of the meeting I agreed to come aboard.’


Neish, like Logan McConachie, has been extremely impressed with the club and the set up thus far, adding ‘As I said before, the professional manner in which Forfar quickly got me on board left me no doubt about my decision. I needed not only an ambitious club to match with me, but a club that went about achieving those ambitions in the right way. I love how Paul is giving youth a chance, I know it was a tough start to the season for the girls, but they are a talented group, the young players are fantastic and the more experienced players have the perfect attitude and skill set to guide the club forward and up the league.’


When asked about whether the side could stay up, he was in no doubt as to what his opinion on that was ‘Forfar will stay in this league. Like I said, it’s obviously been a tough start to the year, but even in training, this isn’t a team that trains or plays like a team struggling, this team has shown me they believe in themselves and trust one another. Nothing is going to be easy, but we have the talent and attitude to come out of this season strong.’


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