Interview with Forfar Farmington’s Sydney Cairns


Forfar Farmington’s Sydney Cairns claims this season has been a great experience, in which she played against internationalists twice her age.

The fifteen year old right back made her senior debut in March when she was just fourteen and has impressed everyone in her nineteen appearances this season.

‘I’ve loved playing in the SWPL team this year. It has been a great experience for me and it has brought me on as a player. It was difficult getting used to the tempo of the football being played but having the senior players in the team support me has made the transition better. It’s been a challenge competing week in week out with some of the most elite players in the country but playing against them will only make me better. ‘

Cairns believes bringing in Damon Neish to the coaching staff to help Paul White has helped the team as well as herself.

‘Damon is a great coach and I think he has improved the team not only on the pitch but off it too. The team has certainly taken strides forward since he has come in. I believe he has a vision in taking the team forward in the coming seasons which I look forward to.‘

‘I think this season has been a substantial learning curve for the girls with us being such a young squad. After a full season at this level we should be starting the coming season a lot stronger than what we did this year. I think if we get a good pre season under our belts and put in the hard work, with having this year’s experience we will be looking to finish higher than we did this season.’

‘It’s great to have finally secured our place in the league next season and although it has been a tough and challenging season, I had every bit of faith in the team doing so. It will be good to play Inverness City on the last day of the season without any pressure on us.’

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