Interview with Forfar Farmington’s Kayleigh Brough

Kayleigh Brough

Defender Kayleigh Brough is thankful of having experienced players amongst the younger players at Forfar Farmington, the blend helping the team improve over the season.

Brough was one of several to step up from the under 17’s and showed herself to be very capable of playing at the top level in women’s football in Scotland.

The 18 year old centre back said ‘Bringing in Damon Neish and the older more experienced players helped us improve a lot. Damon has encouraged the whole team and helped to motivate us in the second half of the season. Having the likes of Nicky Grant, Alana Bruce and Nicola Davidson back in the team has helped us a lot too.

‘Having the more experienced players in the team helps the younger ones including me to improve. I think that it’s a great achievement for us as a team and for the club to stay up this year.’

‘I feel that the younger players including myself have adjusted to senior football really well. It was very hard at the start of the season with the team not having enough numbers and I felt like it was a lot of pressure but with more players returning gave us the confidence back that I thought we lacked. It’s been great playing for the team this season, we have grown so much as a team since the start of the season.’

‘I think the club can definitely build from what we have achieved this season and push for the top of the bottom six. We don’t know what like the other teams will be like next season, whether they have lost or gained players, it’ll be a challenge but it’s definitely achievable!’

Brough will hope to help the side as much as she can before the summer break next year as she plans to head to America like current teammate Holly Napier in 2013 and winger Laura Parsley earlier this year ‘I am really looking forward to going across. It’s still early stages yet since I don’t know where I am going but I’m talking to a few colleges so hopefully something comes up. It is a bit scary at times thinking about it but it’s an amazing opportunity.’

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