Interview with Forfar Athletic’s Martyn Fotheringham

Midfielder Martyn Fotheringham has chipped in with more than a few goals in his 8 years at the Loons, with 39 goals in 230 games.

One of the more unique things about that stat is in the 35 games he’s netted in, Forfar Athletic have only lost three games when Foxy has scored, the last of those losses coming in 2012 at home to Arbroath.

Partick Thistle and East Stirlingshire were the other victors back in 2008/2009 but in the twenty eight times they’ve won, he’s scored some fantastic goals, such as his free kick against Stenhousemuir in October or directly from a corner kick against Albion Rovers in March 2009.


‘I suppose you could say I’m a bit of a lucky charm, I didn’t realise until you’d said that, suppose it’s just one of those things, there’s no reason for it, just seems to be the way, I must only score when we’re on top!’

‘I’ve been lucky in there being quite a few important goals like in the play-offs against Arbroath in 2010 and against Stenhousemuir to keep us up in 2012. I don’t know what it is, I just seem to be in the right place in the right time, I’m quite lucky that way! You’ll have to tell the gaffer that, he’ll maybe play me more!’

As well as goals, the popular midfielder, who made his debut against Stranraer in August 2007 under Jim Moffat, has created a few goals, Gavin Swankie’s opener against Rangers being one ‘I’ve contributed a lot of them (assists), corners and free kicks, it’s just putting them on boys’ heads, it’s them that do all the work.’

The 31 year old Fotheringham reckons the side joint top with the Loons, Stranraer, have all the momentum just now after a fantastic run, but may hit a sticky patch soon as Forfar have as of late ‘Fair enough we’ve not played well the past two or three weeks but we’re still picking up points and we’re sitting joint top of the league at Christmas. If you’d have said that in the summer we’d have taken it so we’re all happy enough with that. I think Stranraer are the team that have the momentum just now but we’re going through a bad spell and still taking points, whether they’ve still to reach their bad point yet, they’ve maybe peaked a bit early, but we’ll keep plugging away.’

‘You can’t expect to go through the whole season without going dropping points, especially with a part time team, you’re going to have different injuries and different scenarios, boys being knackered with work, you are going to have sluggish games. If we can maintain it in the second half of the season we’ll not be far away.’

Debut: Stranraer away, 4th August 2007, lost 3-0

First goal: Elgin City away, 10th November 2007, drew 2-2

Starts                    Sub                        Goals

2007/08:               21                          5                               2

2008/09:               24                         12                              5

2009/10:               28                           9                              6

2010/11:               24                           8                              7

2011/12:               29                           4                              8

2012/13:               22                          10                             4

2013/14:               17                           8                              5

2014/15:               1                             8                              2

Overall:              166                          64                            39

2013/14:               17                           8                              5

2014/15:               1                              8                              2

Overall:                166                         64                           39

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