Interview with Forfar Farmington midfielder Holly Napier


Forfar Farmington midfielder Holly Napier reckons the side will improve on last season, with the experience gained by the younger squad members key to making progress in this year’s Scottish Women’s Premier League.

She also believes that Gemma Collier will help add to that, with the defender returning to Forfar after taking a year out from the game to travel.

‘Of course I believe that the year of experience for the younger ones will help. The girls now know what to expect and the level they must play at. Losing Nic and Alana would be a loss to any club but as a team I believe we can adapt to our losses and progress forward with the great players we have. Of course we now have Gemma Collier back also which will definitely help, especially with experience and maturity.’

The club learnt when they will face the fellow SWPL sides last Monday although 19 year old Napier wasn’t rifling through the fixture list looking for any particular game ‘I look forward to every game because they all have their own individual challenges. However, playing against the stronger clubs is always great to see how you measure up individually and as a team.’

The side are currently doing strength and conditioning at recently opened Dundee gym Train, Eat, Sleep, Repeat along with the usual training at Station Park and Market Muir ‘I believe that being in the gym as well as on the training field is definitely a bonus for the team, Cross Fit is something many of us have never experienced before so it’s also great to be challenging ourselves in that way. With it also being a personal preference for myself, I’m loving it as are the rest of the girls! Don’t get me wrong, sometimes you feel like you’re about to collapse, but with our trainer Shelley involving that fun element to every session we do, it’s makes everything highly enjoyable every time.’ ‘I can’t wait to get the pre-season friendlies underway, we are training this hard over preseason for a reason so it’ll be great to see how our hard work has paid off. With the players we have, our team should do well this season and I’ve every belief that we will. We train to play because we love the game, so I think everyone is just waiting for them to begin.’

The side’s friendly with Aberdeen on Sunday was cancelled so the pre-season programme begins with a home fixture against 2nd Division side Motherwell this weekend.

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