Forfar Farmington defender Megan Burns’ pre-season diary

Forfar Farmington defender Megan Burns

Forfar Farmington defender Megan Burns

‘As anyone who has played any level of football will tell you, preseason usually sucks! It’s never something players look forward to. Session after session of distance running or sprint after sprint after sprint, sometimes on grass, or maybe up hills, if you’re lucky you might get a session on the beach to perfect those sprints! Now imagine doing preseason right after Christmas, in the cold, sometimes snow, it’s enough to fill you with dread and keep you up at night. These are the things I think about when imagining the lead up to the new season.’

‘When our coach sat us down and told us we would be approaching preseason slightly differently this year, it got us all wondering what would be in store. He told us we would be doing work with Shelley Booth at her Train Eat Sleep Repeat gym in Dundee. We had a meet and greet with Shelley and got to view the gym just before Christmas. The first time I walked into the gym, I got really excited, it didn’t look like a conventional gym, the equipment was slightly foreign but after Shelley explained what she would be doing with us, I could not wait to start!’

Megan Burns in action last season

Megan Burns in action last season

‘This preseason has by far been the best one yet, we have been given the opportunity to do experience preseason in a different way than I am sure different to what a majority of other Ladies teams are doing. The work outs Shelly gives us are very hard going but at the same time enjoyable. She makes sure we don’t give up and that we always give a 110% at all times. Sometimes I feel like giving up but I know it will improve my performance during the game which makes me want to keep going.’

‘We are lucky to have the University of Abertay come in and do our fitness testing as well. The turned up with speed gates, jump mats and a bunch of other equipment to test our flexibility, power, and speed. It’s a great feeling to think that these people are giving up their time to help us, they are dedicated to improving us as individual athletes and in the process, making Forfar a better club. As a team, I think we are going into this season a lot more prepared than last one. I am looking forward to all the challenges that we will be faced with and I’m even more excited to play some of the bigger clubs in the league to show that we won’t be giving up as easy as we did last season. The belief and dedication the girls are showing is inspiring. Damon (Head Coach) is asking us to work hard, and to give a lot of time and effort for the year, and it’s really not easy. As a full time student, I can find it difficult to train four times a week as well as keep up with my studies. I get tired, especially the days I have to get up before 6am for a 7am training session, go to college, where I often am incredibly active throughout the day and have an extra training session at night. They are the challenging days, the days where everything from my neck and shoulders to my feel hurt, the days where my bed seems so appealing, but I know it’s all for a reason, it’s to make myself better on the park.’

‘Every one of the girls is putting the shifts in, we feel like we are all in it together, that’s what gets me through the tough days where I maybe am not feeling great, knowing that my team mates are there with me, and are helping me through it. It’s been fun training with the Development squad as well. I like seeing the next set of players coming through the ranks. They keep me and the rest of the girls on our toes, we see the work they are putting in and know that to keep our place we have to push ourselves. It’s such an exciting time, we have our first preseason game soon, I am looking forward to finally getting back on Station Park and back into the action. All this work has been for these moments and I for one cannot wait to get back into that blue strip!’

Megan Burns

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