Post match interview with Forfar Athletic’s Iain Campbell, 18th April 2015

A devastated Iain Campbell believes the 1-0 defeat to Peterhead was his worst performance since returning to Forfar on loan at the beginning of the year.

The left back said of the game “It’s pretty upsetting talking about it, just a bad performance all round really, a bit of a shocker, just didn’t get started at all, didn’t get going the whole day. That was probably my worst performance in a Forfar jersey since I came back. We just need to go again, but that was really bad. We’ll go again, the boys will dig in next week.”

“That wasn’t like us at all, I think we had one shot on goal the whole game, it’s a sore one, because we were in a great position, we never thought we were there already, we knew they’re tough opposition after getting beat up here the last time. It’s devastating, just need to apologise to everyone, it was chronic.”


Campbell will miss the last two games of the season against Dunfermline and Ayr with his loan ending on Monday, returning to parent club Cowdenbeath.

“It was my last game, I was hoping to stay obviously, but it was only a 93 day emergency loan. It’s been going great, I’ve really enjoyed it. The boys still have a chance, it’ll go down to the last game of the season obviously, I wish I could help them. My performance today wasn’t what I wanted to give with it being my last game, I’m gutted.”

Despite going back to Cowdenbeath, Campbell won’t be staying there past this season, having not met clauses in his deal but hasn’t ruled out a return to Station Park for a third spell.

“I’ll be out of contract at Cowdenbeath, I had to play a certain amount of games and had to stay up and stuff like that, but I’ll be out of contract in the summer so I was hoping to finish on a high really.”

“I’m sure after watching me out there some folk wouldn’t want to see me back again! I’ve done really well since I’ve come back, I’m quite happy with myself, the manager has told me I have been, the players have been great with me.”

“Difficult personal problems is the reason why I left, it was nothing against the club, I’ve been delighted here since I came back. They’ve not spoken to me at all about what’s going to happen in the summer, just trying to get through the league campaign and take it from there. I don’t know if I’ll come back to be honest, we’ll get to the summer and see.”

Before departing the club, he had one last comment ” I want to thank the supporters and apologise for my performance today, it’s an exciting time for them, hopefully they can go on and win the league.”

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