Brough ecstatic with dominant victory before embarking on Stateside adventure

Kayleigh Brough

Forfar Farmington’s Kayleigh Brough was delighted to get a win in her final game before she departs to America next month.

The defender played almost the whole game in the 4-0 win over Hutchison Vale, coming off in injury time to a standing ovation from the crowd.

Brough said after the game “I thought it was a really good win, it was a good way to end the first half of the season, obviously it’s my last game, I’m gutted I didn’t get a goal but it was a great team performance so I’m happy with it. All the goals were good, especially Holly’s, her goal was fantastic. Keira and Amy took their goals very well too.”

The 18 year old hinted at coming back to play after her stint in the States “I’m gutted, it’s a great bunch of girls, I obviously got a bit upset at the end there but I will be back, it’s just the initial though of moving away first, got to get used to it though. I’ll be going to a place called La Junta in Colorado, at the first college, Otero College, I’ll be there for two years but then to get your bachelors degree you can go on for another two years but I might be home after the first two years, I might love it and stay out there so you never know.”

Kayleigh Brough gets an effort on target in the early stages of the match

Brough was delighted to be playing in defence after head coach Damon Neish tried playing her up front at the start of the season “Damon spent weeks and weeks trying to make me a striker and I told him it wasn’t happening, I hated it but went with it not enjoying it and then one game he said that I’d be playing centre half and if I had a point to prove, to prove it to him. I must have proved it to him because he’s never played me up top again!

Neish had praised how Brough helped bring the players together in his post match interview, saying “Kayleigh did well, we’re going to miss more than Kayleigh’s football ability, which she has an abundance of talent, we’re going to miss her personality, we’re going to miss the way she brings girls together, her influence on the pitch, all the positive things she did in training, it’s not always on the park, lifting girls up, motivating them as well as her leadership as a centre half.”


The head coach also echoed her statement about proving a point when she was played up front “In the last two months she’s been outstanding, she probably felt she had a point to prove after me trying to make her into a striker and she’s certainly made me eat my words because she’s been fantastic in defence so we’ll miss her football ability, her leadership ability but the girls have learned a lot from her and they’ll take what they’ve learned and push on so all the best to her.”

“Depending on what happens with her, how long she’s over there and all the rest of it, but we’re not worrying about that, we want Kayleigh to go and have a great time, learn and get better, I’m sure she will. If she does play for us again at some point then we’ll be a very lucky team.”

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