Interview with Forfar Farmington’s new signing Tori Sousa

Tori Sousa2

Forfar Farmington’s new midfielder Tori Sousa was delighted to score on her debut as she believes the first goal is the hardest.

22 year old Sousa signed for the club last week from Central Connecticut State University and was placed in the starting eleven for the 7-0 win over Inverness City.

She was eager to finally get on the pitch with her new teammates, saying “It was good to get out and play a game with all the girls, finally get 11 v 11 to learn how all the girls play. It was a weight off my shoulders to score, the first one is always the hardest to get so hopefully they keep coming.”

“The team played so well today and a bunch of girls scored so it was really nice. I think I’m fitting in okay so far, it’s been a week and it’s been great so I’m happy and excited to keep playing.”


Tori, who is from Nashua in New Hampshire, explained it was because of club chairman Colin Brown that she came across to Forfar, the Farmington part of the club’s name taken from the town in Connecticut.

She said “My coach from Central Connecticut State University knows Colin Brown and Colin’s done a lot of work with Farmington in Connecticut so it was a good connection. I sent Colin a video and he said to come along so obviously I’m here now.”

“I’ve played since I was five years old which is pretty young, I’m sure all these girls played then as well, played for a club team then went and played two years at a college in Massachusetts. I then played another two years at Central and now I’m here, I couldn’t give the game up, I had to keep playing.”

At CCSU, Sousa won the North East Conference in her senior year as well as being named as the NEC Player of the Year for 2014, which is no easy feat. Tori also played for University of Massachusetts before joining the Blue Devils in 2013 and has been named in All-NEC Tournament and All-Atlantic 10 Rookie squads as well as being an All-NEC 1st team selection as a junior at Central.


She praised her teammates’ technical ability as she believes it fits her more than the style in America. Sousa explained “I’ve noticed a little bit of a difference, these girls are more technical, a lot more confident on the ball which is great to see because I feel it fits my game a little bit better. It’s physical but other than that I think it’s the technical part of the game; all the girls have really good touches and really good feet, it’s nice to see.”

“I hope we can have a winning side and keep playing, I know it is that the top two teams in the bottom six that stay up so I hope that we can stay in the league and hopefully break into the top four or even win it one season, that’d be awesome, get a good squad together and keep playing.”

Sousa is looking forward to doing more in Scotland as well as playing and her teammates have already offered to show her different places in the country.

“I really wanted to come over here and play just to continue playing, I can’t give it up; I love to travel and it’s awesome to be here in Scotland.“ she said. “I’m thankful to Colin for letting me stay and all that but I love to travel, the girls are already talking about taking me out and taking me to places; I can’t wait to see lots of new stuff here.”

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