Interview with Forfar Athletic’s Martyn Fotheringham

Martyn Fotheringham apologised to Forfar fans following their defeat to Albion Rovers consigned them to relegation.

The 33 year old midfielder was devastated and reckons the club that he says is a big part of his life shouldn’t be in League Two with the players they have.

The popular Fotheringham also feels for the people behind the scenes and knows exactly how they will feel having been at Forfar for nine years.

Speaking after the game, he told of how the dressing room was gutted following the defeat. “The dressing room is absolutely gutted, nobody wants a relegation on their CV. I think it’s been well documented that with the players we’ve got in our squad we shouldn’t be getting relegated but then the table doesn’t lie so there’s something not right there.”

“It’s all very well having ability but if you’re not willing to do the nasty side of the game, put your body on the line and keep clean sheets etc then it’s inevitable what will happen. It’s just not been good enough, right throughout the squad but like I said the table doesn’t lie.”

“I think if you could put your finger on what has went wrong, you’d be a pretty rich person but like I said if you can’t keep clean sheets and you’re having to score three or four goals to even have a chance of winning the game then I think we can see where a problem’s been there.”

Fotheringham reckons the side’s problems reared their head once again on Saturday and every goal could have been defended better than they were. “It was in our own hands and we take the lead in under a minute so all you do is be as horrible as you can be and win the game. The problems we’ve been having all season appeared today, the goals we conceded are absolutely embarrassing to be honest but that’s why we are where we are.”

“The majority of the squad was there last season, we lost a few experienced heads but it’s only now that we’ve lost them that you realise what they brought to the team. The other boys need to learn, they’ve now got relegation on their CV and I hope they feel as bad as I do about it because my years are running out and it’s on my CV now.”

Fotheringham feels sorry for those behind the scenes at Station Park and apologised on behalf of the playing staff.

He said: “It’s devastating, I’ve been at the club for nine years; it’s a big part of my life. Behind the scenes they’ll be absolutely devastated because they’re all Forfar people running the club, they don’t have any outsiders, it is Forfar people through and through so I can imagine they’ll be devastated. I can only apologise from the playing staff, it’s not been good enough.”

The midfielder didn’t need to think about his answer when asked if he would want to stay at Forfar again next season. “Without a shadow of a doubt. It’s not my decision, it’s the manager’s decision but if he was to ask me right now, then yeah definitely. It’s well publicised it’s the best run part time club in Scotland and it shouldn’t be in League Two.”

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